October 17, 2016

Migrating from Wordpress to Jekyll

Wordpress is nice and pain. I use Bluehost to host Wordpress and my personal domain email. Bluehost has been great but I’m getting tired of Wordpress.

I decided to migrate my articles to github.io. To make do this I installed WordPress to Jekyll Exporter by Ben Balter to export my articles. This downloads as a zip. The really important bits is going to be _posts directory. WordPress editor crapped up some of the articles I needed to be edited to make use of Jekyll features such as syntax highlighting code. As of time of this writing, I am still cleaning up links and images.

Next I followed github.io’s instructions to setup my personal page. I decided to use Lagom’s Theme which is a nice minimal theme.

After installation, copying _posts over and editing them to add syntax highlighting I was ready to redirect the old articles to the new. I used another plugin Redirection by John Goley to 301 permanment redirect the old url to the new url. I don’t have a lot of popular articles but Setup Amazon AWS wildcard SSL certificate is very popular and I would hate for search engines to direct people to a dead link when I finally shutdown my WordPress site.