November 06, 2016

Email and Blog Hosting

I have been a Bluehost shared hosting customer for a very long time. At least 8 to 10 years. Used them for both personal and business website hosting and email. There support has been great. Now I’m only using them for blog, email and domain. For what I use them for it seemed expensive. So I set out to find a simple cheap solution for my personal needs.

Blog was migrated to using pages and Jekyll. You can read about it Migrating from Wordpress to Jekyll For domain, I transferred to Namecheap which is only $9.87/yr US at time of writing. I have used Namecheap before with business accounts and find them to have a nice interface. Transferring the domain was not hard but you do need to make sure your contact email for the domain is current or you will not be able to transfer the domain. It may take 24 hours if you update the contact/whois information for your domain before you can transfer it to Namecheap. In my case I had to update the contact email address and unlock the domain to allow transferring on Bluehost, wait 24 hours and then start the transfer on Namecheap.

Once on Namecheap I setup a domain redirect from to At some point I will setup account to use my personal domain.

For email I did a lot of searching and because I have 6 email addresses I could not use a lot of free 1 mailbox hosting services. I even considered setting up my own email service using a cheap VPS but felt that was overkill if I can find an service to manage it for me.

There are a lot of business email hosting services and many are per user pricing and can be expensive for my needs. Zoho has a free solution for your domain for low volume accounts that seems to fit the bill. Setup instructions are detailed step by step.

One thing about free hosting is there is not a lot of room in the inbox. I recommend forwarding the email to another account such as Gmail and click “remove from zoho” to automatically clean up the space.